Gresham College's Free Hybrid Public Lectures

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News - Feb 7

Sixth Form students have been availing themselves of Gresham College’s free hybrid public lectures (running since 1597) which are delivered by world-leading professors in the arts and sciences, including Professor Sir Chris Whitty (Medicine), Professor Sarah Hart (Maths), Professor Leslie Thomas QC (Law) and Professor Edith Hall (Classics). One of our Year 12 students reviewed a lecture by Professor Katherine Blundell OBE - “I found it very interesting because she clearly explained why structures exist in the universe and how they can change and evolve. It was also well structured in that she started on smaller scale structures like nebulae and moved up to galaxies so you can get a clear image of the sizes of these bodies and what galaxies contain. Furthermore, the images used were really helpful to visualise these structures as well as being very impressive and detailed images that would be interesting to look at even without the lecture”